The Zenythlife is right for you if you want to build your net worth, protect your family in case of emergencies or unexpected events, own your own home, or love your job.
Follow The Zenythlife to achieve freedom in every part of your life. Education. Financial. Housing. Insurance.
Need More Details? Here’s the scoop.

There are 5 steps to The Zenythlife. By completing these steps, you will be able to have freedom in your education, finances, housing, and insurance.


Give Yourself Some Credit

Building your credit is imperative, especially when it comes time for major purchases. Z Finance posts are designed to walk you through the credit repair process, help you build credit and show you credit cards for those of you with poor credit, and guide you on how to pay off debt in a timely manner.


Career Year

Z Careers is chock full of information content designed to get you back into college, earn a scholarship, teach you how to land your dream job, and earn more money in a desirable, un-and-coming field. Did you know that there are hundreds of online classes from dozens of schools actively looking for students like you? Did you know there are scholarships available, some upwards of $10,000 waiting for a student prospective student? Want to know what it takes to succeed in a global, digital world? Z Careers is the place for you.


Home Free

With your credit in line and your career goals in order, it’s time to get you and your family into the domicile of your dreams. You ready? There are three ways to do this—rent, own, or the evermore popular “rent to own” which allows you to put your monthly rent towards a down-payment. Z Housing is filled with the latest tips and information across all three options.


Serve and Protect

If your house is in order, it’s time to protect it. Home security packages, life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and disability coverage are all choices you’ll have to make for yourself and for your family. Z Insurance was created to keep all these different choices at your fingertips.


Peek at your options often to maintain your place on top of your mountain

Peak. Perhaps the most important piece to our five step process is the review portion. You’ll need to continue to pay your bills, monitor and change your coverage as life goals change, ask for a raise, and plan on retirement. Peek at your options often to maintain your place on top of your mountain.